Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Money Today June 26 issue has covered health Insurance

22 pages of well researched information in Money Today is welcomed by us as this shows that Health Insurance is getting the importance ,which it deserves.

The good thing is that we have got lot of response thro emails/phone calls and some of the readers of Money Today have raised very interesting and good questions.

We will like to share with Insurance companies that the most important feature the customers are looking for in Health Insurance is good Service.Price is important feature but it is definitely not the first point at time of decision making.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Large & strong companies should give 90 days notice and then withdraw any product

Recently we were informed by Reliance General that no more Health Insurance proposal under Gold should be accepted.Reason we are made to understand is that they are having heavy losses in this product.

In the case of silver those wishing to have sum assured of Rs 1 lakh will not be accepted by underwriting team.

Those lodging claim during the year whether claim is accepted or not will have difficulty at the time of renewal.They are warned that well in time thay should look for another insurance company.

Insurance intermediaries go on informing clients about various insurance products to clients.It becomes embarrassing to tell a client that now Reliance or such & such Insurance company has stopped accepting this proposal or has withdrawn this product or is not going to renew your policy as you had lodged a claim during the year.

Let us try to create a positive image of Insurance Industry,which is owned by really large & strong companies or corporate houses of the country.Can we expect that whenever they decide to stop any product they should give at least 90 days notice by releasing an ad in the press ?

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