Thursday, June 25, 2009

Why should I buy health insurance from you rather than buying from elsewhere? 

Very common question which we have from those who access our website is

''Why I should buy health insurance from you?"

Our reply is given and I thought let me put it down for benefit of many of you.

We handle products of all Insurance companies As a leading health insurance source, we are able to offer our customers:

1- Broad Selection. Because we are an Insurance Brokerage Company and not a health insurance company/an insurance company, therefore we can offer products from multiple insurance companies. We offer a broad or we can say 100% selection/range of products from all insurance companies and as a result, it allows you to find the Insurance Product that best fits your needs. In fact, we are the leading source in India of health insurance for individuals, families and corporate clients.

2- Best Prices. Health insurance premiums are filed by the insurance companies to the regulator and are approved by them (Insurance Regulatory & Development Authority). Whether you buy from us, your local agent, or directly from the insurance company/health insurance company, you'll pay the same yearly premium for the same product. Good thing about us is that we tell you about all the products and also the service level of various companies.We have the feedback from large number of our clients.

3- Fast Processing. We offer the fastest way to get health insurancepolicy issued because we focus on health insurance and are handling so many proposals on everyday basis . This reduces average processing time significantly for you.We can be reached by phone /email as per your convenience.

4- Excellent Customer Care. We believe that you should enjoy the best customer experience available for getting the health insurance policy issued from us . The highly trained staff of our company handles your query in the professional way and with care, which it needs as you are important to us .They help you make the most of your money with professional, unbiased advice, which we only can give you because we are an Insurance Brokerage Firm and we handle all the products and that too of all the companies.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

ICICI Lombard will not be aggressive in selling Health Insurance

On the one hand we notice aggressive advertising campaign of ICICI Lombard and at the same time we find the following statement has been issued by Sanjay Datta, head of health insurance, ICICI Lombard General Insurance, at an interactive session in Kolkata.
The statement is " Like most general insurance companies, ICICI Lombard would not be aggressive selling group health insurance policy due to high claim ratio"
We feel Health Insurance is a specialized product and co's like BUPA,Munich Re(DKV),Swiss Re will ultimately become active players in the Indian Market and traditional co's( General Insuarnce ) will start losing market share.
Incidentally ICICI Lombard has been having highest premium rates among health Insurance co's of the country.Root cause is that ICICI has been picking up marginal group policies in the past.It is good that they are realizing the realiites of business.

Joint Venture Partners in Health Insurance Companies of India

Very soon we will have Max BUPA and Religare Swiss Re entering the health insurance sector in India. With their joining we will have 4 co's in this sector and the details are;

Foreign Partners in Health Insurance Co's of India - June 2009

Name Foreign Partner Status

Star Health ETA Ascon, Oman Operational,
Revenue Rs.511.93 crores

Apollo DKV DKV (Munich Re.C.) Operational,
Germany Revenue Rs.48.95 crores

Max BUPA BUPA, UK Moving towards becoming

Religare Swiss Re, Switzerland Agreement reached