Saturday, July 14, 2012

Let us welcome Religare Health Insurance

Let us welcome Religare Health Insurance                                                                          
It is always good to have entry of a new Insurance company. There is a challenge for the new company to come out with new/innovative /attractive product.

Religare Health Insurance has become operational and has started doing business in July, 2012

Salient points of their policy are:
  • Maximum sum Assured – Rs 60 Lakhs (highest in India)
  • Yearly check up on free of cost basis.
  • Overseas treatment permitted for those who have sum assured of Rs 50 Lakhs/ Rs 60 Lakhs.
  • No age limit for entry
  • Life long renewals
  • In house claim settlement
  • Restoration of sum assured after lodging/settlement  of claim

You will be interested to know the premium to be paid by someone for sum assured of Rs 50 Lakhs:

Family Floater for 2 adults of age group 61-65 years it is Rs 2, 58,360.

The good point is that insured is permitted to undergo treatment in foreign countries for critical/serious ailments/surgeries. This is to make clear that till now all health insurance policies were having the condition that insured can have treatment within India only.
Religare has taken a welcome step by permitting overseas treatment (for sum assured Rs 50 lakhs & Rs.60 lakhs).

You being a well informed person are aware of that Overseas Travel Policy does not permit you to travel abroad and get hospitalized for treatment of existing diseases.

For the same family -Family Floater for 2 adults of age group 61-65 years for sum assured of Rs 25 Lakhs the premium is Rs 47,958. But it permits treatment within India only.

The premium for Rs 50 Lakhs is not 2 times of the premium for Rs 25 Lakhs but it is 5.39 times or 439% higher.

Any Comment?