Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Salient Features of Cigna Health Insurance Policy

It is always good to have more entrants to Health Insurance sector as every new entrant brings some innovation in product, which is good or even better for the client.

Some of the features which we have noticed in Cigna product and need appreciation are:

  1. Sum Assured of Rs.100 Lakhs is possible. Till recently this was Rs.50 Lakhs / Rs.60 Lakhs in case of Religare Health Insurance. National policy for Senior Citizens has maximum cover of Rs 1 Lakh + Rs 2 lakh for Critical Illness.
  1. Overseas Travel -Insured is covered for sum assured or Rs.10 lakhs (whichever is lower) for overseas travel, where medical emergencies can be covered. This means that Overseas Travel Policy need not be required by those policy holders ,who are not bothered about risks like:
·        Baggage loss
·        Passport loss.

This benefit will be a good benefit for senior citizens, who may not need Medical examination for issue of overseas Travel Policy.

  1. For those who are opting for Sum Assured of Rs.4.5 lakhs and more – extensive medical tests can be done every year, which cost Rs.6000 to Rs.8000. Going in for medical tests every year can result in early diagnosis of some major ailments. It can avoid pain to the insured and avoid major claim on Insurance Company 

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